The Trail Youth is a non-profit organization seeking to build bridges between youth and the many resources available. The Trail Youth aims to help youth, ages 13-19, by promoting stable, nurturing relationships with mentors and promoting a safe environment for students through a youth coffee shop. We desire to see a strong, integrated community that values every child and contributes to their success.

The Trail Youth’s program is designed after the life coaching system. Our focus is on the future, while addressing the past and meeting the needs of the present. Our goal is to be a trusted community safe place that is known for empowering youth. Safety leads to connection, which leads to learning.

We remove labels and restore value to teens through Mentorship, Leadership Development, Barista Training, and Connections:


  • Connect weekly after school with trained mentors who share the same interests and experiences

  • Create personalized vision statements for the mentee with the goal of job training or academic success

  • Guide mentees in creating their own path for success by helping them identify the issues that may hinder them from their goals

  • Identify and teach individualized positive coping strategies


  • Develop a youth run Teen Closet

  • Barista training

  • Develop a vision for community and global service


  • Drug and alcohol rehab centers

  • Counseling and social services

  • Resources for basic needs such as food and clothing (Teen Closet)

  • Social support such as churches, clubs, etc. Local businesses for job training and internships.


Mission Statement: 
To remove labels and restore value helping youth to reach their God-given potential through mentorship, leadership development, and connections.

Vision Statement: 
We desire for Snoqualmie Valley to be a strong integrated community that values every child and contributes to their success.

Values Statement: 

  • We believe that inter-generational relationships can build bridges in our community to bring hope and healing into the lives of young people.
  • Trust builds a safe and secure community that brings restoration into the lives of those experiencing trauma. It takes time to develop trust.
  • We accept all youth for who they are and where they are without judgment.
  • Our faith leads us to be trustworthy people that will provide youth the opportunity to explore what God made them to be.

Our Board Members

Julie Choudri



Her clinical practice includes 12 years of critical care nursing. She then obtained a degree in public health with University of Colorado and has worked with Seattle-King County Public Health, Harborview Medical Center, CDC, and WHO on a number of public health projects, especially targeting fragile populations. In 2015, Julie joined Two Rivers alternative school as their nurse.

Josh Zuray

Board Member

Josh Zuray is co-founder of the Trail Youth, has a B.A. in pastoral ministries. He has served as a youth pastor for 5 years and as senior pastor for 10 years. His desire to do more for his community and to help those who are struggling moved him to change his career to law enforcement. Currently he works for a local law enforcement agency and is CIT certified. He brings value and hope to those who have none.

Jessica Besso


Jessica Besso is a CPA and CFE with over 20 years of public and private accounting experience. Her background includes Safeco Insurance, Microsoft, and Getty Images as well as serving on boards for several non-profit organizations. Graduating from Seattle Pacific University with a degree in accounting, she was recruited by one of the Big 5 (at that time) and worked at a public accounting firm in college. She has tax, audit, process improvement, and technical skills that benefit almost any organization.

Our Staff

Kristin Zuray

Executive Director

Kristen Zuray is co-founder of the Trail and has a B.A. in youth work and speech.  She is a certified life and addiction/recovery coach, conference speaker, and author of several books dealing with restoration and healing.

Tonya Guinn

Program Director

Tonya Guinn has a B.S. in therapeutic recreation and previously worked as a licensed social worker.  She has helped organizations serve people around the world by organizing fundraising events for missions, autism early intervention, and schools.  She also leads local mission trips to Teen Challenge recovery center.

Wendy Laxton

Operations Director

Wendy Laxton has a B.S. in business management.  She has worked as an education and training coordinator for the Humane Society for several years.  While there, she developed enrichment programs and camp experiences for children in King County.  She has also helped start up a church mission coffee shop in Las Vegas, and has been involved with human trafficking missions.

Our Teen Board