Our program is very unique. It is based upon the life coaching method, where instead of a two way conversation between the mentor and the client, there is a three way conversation. That conversation includes the mentor, the client, and the resource.

Homelessness and addictions carry a certain stigma. Those who are struggling through their crisis, won’t automatically seek out the resources they need. The Trail Youth bridges the gap between the client and the resource, by building trust and establishing relationships with both.

The world of resources can be overwhelming and hard to navigate to those in crisis. The Trail Youth develops a personalized program that is unique to each individual. Our goal is for them to reach long-term success.

Help us help them!


Donation Levels

Coffee Club – Monthly Donors

$25, $50, $75, $100, or other and you will receive a mention in the eNewsletter.

Bronze – $1,000

furthers the mobile trail outreach and your name goes on a plaque in coffee home.

Gold – $2,500

provides activities for the mentors and mentees and your name goes on a plaque in coffee home.

Platinum – $5,000

would give employment opportunity to youth and your name goes on a plaque in coffee home.


To fully develop the vision of the Trail Youth, and for it to reach its full potential in the Snoqualmie Valley, we need to hire staff.

The Coffee Home

Neutral Ground! We are looking to establish a warm, safe environment where conversations can flow uninhibited. The community needs a place where support groups and community leaders can meet to best address the social needs of the Valley.


Everything from printer ink, to marketing materials, takes money. Your donation allows us to effectively communicate with the community.