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The Trail Youth mentorship, barista training, and leadership development programs are the core of who we are as an organization:


From day one, Trail Youth has been about helping young people overcome their challenges and discover the person they were meant to be. Our mentorship program accredited, and our mentors are trained, passionate volunteers who are committed to the success of their mentee. Our goal is to help all youth overcome the obstacles that are holding them back, assist them in finding their passion, and create a plan to help them reach their goals.

No matter the story or the circumstance, the program can be a great opportunity for any youth that could use a helping hand. If you are interested in the year long program, fill out the Mentee Application.



The Trail Youth Coffee Home offers a relaxed environment in which youth ages 13-19 can learn barista skills. From learning the science behind delicious coffee, creating new recipes, and learning to make community favorites, youth will gain the skills and confidence needed to be hired at other coffee houses.

Not only will they learn the art of coffee creation, they will learn point of sales, public health, leadership and organization. In order for the youth to be successful at learning these skills, they need to volunteer 3 hours a week. This is also a great way to fulfill their community service credits as needed, while building their resumes!


Trail Youth offers hands-on, real life experience in leadership development! Participating on the youth board and on various committees, teens 13-19 will learn ho to operate and run a business and a non-profit. First, they will have the option to choose a program to work in. Then they will have the option of selecting special events to lead such as music nights, poetry readings, and art exhibits. Their scope of the experience will not stop there! They will also learn the art of public speaking and advocacy!

For teens to learn these hireable skills, being apart of the leadership team requires a one year commitment. At the end of their term, they can sign on again or train their predecessor. The leadership program is a fun way to fulfill their community service credits while building their resumes!