I’m Ericka Mickelson. I’m a photographer. I think life is like photography. You need the negatives to develop, meaning that in life you need the tough and hard times to develop and create who you are. I love capturing moments to remember.

The trail has helped me in many different ways. One way the trail has helped me is by inspiring me to get back into art. They gave me the opportunity to display and sell my art in the Trail Youth coffee shop. I took photos for a class, PBL (Project Based Learning) at Two Rivers school for the coffee shop. we received a grant from WE day, and used that money to get 4 of my favorite photos printed on canvas for the shop.

When we offered this opportunity to be featured on our website, Ericka volunteered and went to work. We appreciate the time and the effort that she has spent on taking beautiful photos! Her work is on display at our coffee home, so make sure you come on by and take a peak!


When I first talked to Payton, I knew immediately that Trail Youth needed to support her. With her sweet Southern accent and her vibrant personality, you would never know of the tragedy that she has suffered. Her story is one of abuse and loss that eventually brought her to a dark place of losing all hope. We have had the honor and joy in walking with her as she has rediscovered her purpose and reignited her dreams to become a non-profit fashion designer.

Her designs offer hope and affirmation to young women who have suffered from abuse, sex trafficking, and loss of self – worth. Her mission is to create hand-drawn t-shirts that spark up a story, speak truth, and give life that empower women to live life to their full potential while walking in truth and purpose. Payton is a young woman who possesses inner strength and has learned to turn her pain into hope for others. Let’s support her as she launches her new line of apparel! Read her story and order your shirt today: www.crownedbydivinity.com!