Our Amazing Volunteers

Our community is supported by our INCREDIBLE volunteers! They dedicate their time, energy, and love into creating valuable experiences for our youth. Without their selflessness, we would not be able to provide the same opportunities. We are so grateful for all they do! 

Our Values


Adding Value - pouring esteem and worth into the individual with the sole purpose of bringing restoration and healing


Inclusiveness - recognizing that everyone is of infinite value regardless of gender identities, development, culture, race, religion, politics.  


Openness - sharing truth so that the individual will be encouraged and empowered to make decisions that will bring about success.


Removal of Labels - we do not divide people into categories, groups, or labels, but rather see all as humans deserving of love.

Adult Volunteer

Scroll through the opportunities below.  If you would like to apply for the position, click APPLY and follow the link to the application site.

Open Positions

Teen Internship

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Adult Volunteer Application

Experience preferable but not necessary.  Need to be able to work one 3 hour shift a week.  Will maintain the high standards of cleanliness, understand the recipes, and enjoys working with teens. 


Welcome to L.E.A.D

L.E.A.D. (Learn Experience Advocate and Develop) is a variation of the business explorers program.  This internship gives you a hands on experience in running a business and a non-profit!  Choose from a variety of teams: barista, media, marketing, or administration to build your skills, your resume, and your community service hours.  


Skills you can learn if you enroll into L.E.A.D. 


Barista Skills - coffee making, recipe creation, cost analysis, inventory control, health department standards, customer service, sales


Marketing Experience - marketing promotion through calendar creation, facebook, instagram, twitter, collaboration, special events, and product line development


Podcasting/Media Production - speech techniques, story board creation, interviewing, development


Administration - data entry, filing, calendar control, projects

Once you click on the enroll button, you will then be able choose which area of L.E.A.D. you want to be involved in.

Apply by selecting one of the following:


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Current Needs

The daily needs of our non-profit change on a regular basis.  If you want to impact the lives of youth, but are unable to volunteer in person, then consider helping meet some of our current needs. Thank you for investing in the lives of our youth!

  • Amazon Gift Cards

  • Art Supplies

  • Small and Medium Canvases 

  • Paint Brushes

  • Paint