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Welcome to our Podcast

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"Coffee Break"

Welcome to our Podcast

Coffee Break with Trail Youth is a teen-hosted podcast where teens research the strange, unexpected, and intriguing world of conspiracy theories to present the facts of both sides.  Each episode provides space for laughter, critical thinking, and the opportunity for the hosts, and listeners alike, to learn and grow together. Our challenge to you throughout the podcast is to keep an open mind while we embark on this journey to explore where the truth lies.

Current Podcasts:

The Cecil Hotel

AIR DATE: 04/02/2021

Is the Cecil Hotel really haunted? What may have caused all of these deaths and the weird things that have been happening at this hotel? Join Derek and Jaclyn as they discuss the possibilities of the Cecil Hotel being haunted.


Mandela Effect

AIR DATE: 03/26/2021

Is the Mandela Effect and these honest lies caused by alternate universes or time travelers? Join Brennon and Jaclyn as they discuss what may be causing the Mandela Effect.



AIR DATE: 03/19/2021

Is Bigfoot real or is it just some people dressed up in costumes? Join Brennon and Jaclyn as they discuss the possibilities of Bigfoot.


What is in the Center of the Earth

AIR DATE: 03/12/2021

Is the center of the Earth Hollow? Join Derek and Liann as they discuss what might be in the center of the Earth.


Phantom Time Theories

AIR DATE: 03/5/2021

Are we really living in the 1700s? Has our history been fabricated? Join Jaclyn and Brennon as they discuss the possibilities of a false history.


Self-driving Cars

AIR DATE: 02/26/2021

Could self driving cars become the future? Join Brennon and Derek as they discuss the pros and cons of self-driving cars.


Project MKUltra

AIR DATE: 02/12/2021

Can people be brainwashed or mind controlled? Join Jaclyn and Liann as they dive into the possibilities and conspiracies around mind control.


Moon Landing Theories

AIR DATE: 02/05/2021

Join Brennon and Derek as they seek to uncover the truth about the moon landing and whether or not it was real.


Zoom's Effects on Society

AIR DATE: 01/29/2021

Join Brennon and Jaclyn as they discuss the effects that Zoom and online settings may have on society and individuals.


Flat Earth Theories

AIR DATE: 01/22/2021

 Is the Earth round or flat? Join Derek and Jaclyn as they seek to uncover the truth about the Earth’s shape.


Global Warming Theories

AIR DATE: 01/15/2021

 Is global warming real or not? If so, what does it do to the Earth? Join Jaclyn and Liann as they talk about global warming and what it may do to the Earth.


Social Media Censoring

AIR DATE: 01/08/2021

Are social media platforms censoring too much or too little? Are things censored by humans or robots? Join Lydia and Liann as they discuss censorship and what it means.


Lydia's Goodbye

AIR DATE: 12/18/2020

Lydia and Jaclyn record their last podcast together as Lydia says goodbye to her childhood home.


9/11 Conspiracies

AIR DATE: 12/11/2020

Was there more to the 9/11 terrorist attacks? Join Brennon and Derek as they explore the conspiracy theories surrounding that fateful day, and decide for yourself what may be true.



AIR DATE: 12/04/2020

Is there really an afterlife? If so, what happens in the afterlife? Join Lydia and Jackie as they talk about the different beliefs regarding the afterlife.


End of World

AIR DATE: 11/27/2020

Is the world going to end? How is the world going to end? Join Lydia and Jackie as they talk about the potential end of the world and how it might occur.


Planet X

AIR DATE: 11/20/2020

Is Planet X real or is it just a random light out in the sky? Could Planet X come colliding into our Earth? Join Brennon and Lydia as they explore these possibilities, and then you decide what the answer is.


Parallel Universe

AIR DATE: 11/13/2020

Is there a parallel universe in the center of our Earth, or is it out in space, or is there no parallel universe at all? If there is a parallel universe, will we ever come in contact with it? Join Lydia and Jackie as they talk about the possibility of a parallel universe and what it could mean.



AIR DATE: 11/06/2020

Is the Illuminati real, and how long have they been around for? Are celebrities a part of the Illuminati, or maybe celebrities aren’t even people at all, maybe they are aliens. Join Jackie and Lydia as they delve into the possibility of the illuminati.


Simpson's Predictions
AIR DATE: 10/30/2020

Do the Simpson cartoon characters really predict the future or is it all just a coincidence? Could the writers be time travelers or is someone behind the scenes controlling life so that the predictions come true? Join Jacki and Lydia as they explore these possibilities, and then you decide what the answer is.


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The Podcasting Team

Lydia Zuray (left)​:

My name is Lydia Zuray, a 11th grader at Bellevue College. I have been apart of the podcasting team for 3 years and am one of the founders. I decided to be apart of the podcasting team so that we can hear other people’s voice and to share stories from different views. I want to help spread a message that’s shows everyone is valuable and is enough.

Jaclyn Huntzinger (right):

My name is Jaclyn Huntzinger and I am a senior at Mount Si High school. I have been one of the founders of Coffee Break since 2019 but I’ve been involved in The Trail’s youth board since 2018. Outside of The Trail Youth I play select softball and I enjoy spending time in nature with my friends.

Brennon Lee​:

My name is Brennon Lee, a Senior at Skyline High school, and I have been apart of the podcasting team as the editor for about a half a year. Outside of Trail youth, I like to run and participate in Triathlons. 

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